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craigslist censors itself. and one local lawmaker is skeptical that the company is bowing to pressure. another day of digging in a pittsburg landfill for a man. and a thought of a hero is to disgruntled workers everywhere how jetblue is dealing with the fed up flight attendant. good evening, i'm. don now with what's behind the move of craigslist. >> reporter: ads for illegal sexual activity on craigslist were supposed to have been curtailed a year ago. >> a human reviewer is going to
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read all the texts for the ads and review the images, make sure they're 100% compliant with the law. >> reporter: but mike sugerman took another look. >> ire nick and elegant, playful and mature experience. the picture is a bikini bottom. >> reporter: but take a look now. you will find a black bar. craigslist has been feeling the heat to end adult ads. >> we persuaded craigslist to take action eliminating prostitution ads and it's done the right thing voluntarily by shutting down the adult service services section. >> reporter: philip markoff the so-called killer used the site to lure his victim. >> craigslist was wal-mart of
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sex trafficking. hopefully what they have done will be an example to the other websites. >> reporter: jackie spear had a congressional hearing for september 15th. >> there's no question that craigslist adult services is aiding and abetting criminal activity. i mean, there's hundred thousand to 300 now children in the country, that are sexually trafficked right here. they not imported. >> reporter: craig list adult services ads bring in more than $35,000 a year. 30% of the site's projects amount for the year. it's not fully committed to ending sexual ads. >> the fact they stamped censored on the site would suggest they're doing it out of protest. >> reporter: congresswoman spears said they will continue to offer the adult ads outside
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of the u.s.. the company will put out a press release and to watch the craigslist blog. we've been watching all day and nothing so far yet. well, police once again are searching a pittsburg land pill for a body of a missing hercules man. 35-year-old frederick sales hasn't been seen since a week ago today. he and his father rented it from the girlfriend of 30-year- old valdomorrow. he was killed tuesday in a police chase. the body of his girlfriend was inside the car. the day before, the bodies of two women were found in a vallejo home and two days before that, august 28th. the body of sales was found in a home he wented from t ran. his son is the person they're looking for in the search. they comment on the progress they've made.
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>> well, we do what we need to do until we have all the answers and find mr. sales. >> reporter: the dirty job conned today. two dozen volunteers combing through trash looking for any sign of the body of 35-year-old frederick sale, missing and feared to have been killed by a man who was shot and killedpy officers on tuesday -- by officers on tuesday. police say he killed frederick sales' father last week. he was found bludgeoned in his home. in late august, valdomorrow told police the two had beaten him up. he filed a police report, but before police acted. the elder sales was found dead and frederick has been missing since. >> unfortunately, everybody that is connected with this case intimately are now deceased. >> reporter: the theory police have been working under in the dump search is that he might have left sales' body in a
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dumpster near hercules where a cadillac he was known to drive was found parked. investigators say employees there reported an awful smell near the dumpster. but police didn't get the chance to check it out before the trash was taken to the landfill where square yard by square yard of compacted trash is loosened by the excavator and gone through by hand as the cadaver dog sniffs for clues. >> it's hot, it's smell hi, it's very tedious, but they're going to stick it out. >> reporter: crews wrapped up the search here at 7:00 tonight. they're planning on being back out here at the keller canyon landfill tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. in pittsburg, anne makovec, cbs5 news. the only known survivor is charles rutten house, he's charged with possessing explosives including uranium. his lawyer said he had nothing to do with the murders of two
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women found at his house, his wife and her friend. the prime murder suspect lives with rutten house and his wife off and on for years. oakland police are looking for the gunman who opened fire in oakland last night killing a woman and wounding her companion. officers were flagged down near 85th and international boulevard just after midnight. 30-year-old la that sha carter and a 19-year-old man were shot in her car. carter died at the hospital. in san jose, police are looking for this man. he's responsible for a series of bank robberies in the bay area and sacramento. banks in a half dozen cities have been hit since june from lost ands to to daly city. he appears to be about 40 years old, wears amie key baseball cap, a -- nike baseball cap and white shirt and jeans. federal investigators are getting their first real look at the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into a
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redwood shores lagoon thursday. three people died. investigators have recovered the key parts of the plane including the engine which separated from the fuselage and another clue. >> the primary examination of the aircraft has shown that all of the flight control surfaces are present and accounted for in their correct position. >> the plane had dual controls and it is unclear who was actually piloting the plane. the nstb will release a report in five to 10 days, a final report will take six to nine months. chp officers were at mere woods to make sure they were safe and properly licensed. officers say violators can be cited. dui check points this labor day weekend, so far, they're up and deaths are down compared to
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that's year. in the 12 hours beginning at 6:00 last night, the chp made 436 give arrests compared to 406 in 2009. this year, there were no deaths statewide during the same period last year, there were four. dozens of aftershocks continued to hit new zealand's south island after saturday's powerful 7.1 earthquake. the island is beginning its recovery effort. >> reporter: toppled buildings, flooded streets, crushed cars and even a fire. this is what the people of chris church face today of a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the second biggest city. >> fall over sideways and it was shaking back and forth and this has been hit by something. >> reporter: many say it's a miracle no one died in the quake. which was as strong as the one that hit haiti this year.
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new zealand experiences 14,000 earthquakes annually, but they were no match for these think mores. 1 hadn't 4 -- tremors. $1.4billion in damage has led the mayor to declare a state of emergency. >> there were an awful lot of kiwi folks in christ church today who have lost a lot of possessions and not sure where they will be tonight. >> reporter: the original quake lasted just 40 second, witnesses say, but it could take months for the city to return to normal. seal yay hotten, cbs news, beijing. the temper tantrum heard round the world and now stephen slater has been officially fired. slater became a folk hero last month for his profanity-laced tirade over the address system and then leaving with plane with a beer in hand down the
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emergency chute. he still faces criminal charges for that. his lawyer blames the outburst on the passenger. finding the cause of the gulf oil spill. the major evidence tonight. that could begin to continue investigator's questions. and earl tase into the horizon, while -- fades into the horizon. while many coastal communities have more than hurricane damage to recover from. lawrence kern on the cbs 5 weather center. the holiday weekend is upon us. will the weather be nice? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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this could be the key to the worst oil spill in history. the blowout preventor from the deepwater horizon oil rig is back above water tonight. secured on a boat in the gulf of mexico. the 50 feet, 300-ton device was raised from the ocean floor today in a delicate 30 hour operation. it's the failure of the preventor that led to the spill last year. -- last april, excuse me, it's now on its way to louisiana for analysis. hurricane earl has come and gone. earl was downgraded to a tropical storm before it hit
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the new england coast and randall pinkston reports about businesses salvaging the holiday. >> reporter: earl's long erratic march came to an end in nova scotia, making landfall saturday morning. once a powerful category 4 hurricane, earl arrived in new england friday night as only a tropical storm. with high winds and rain, but leaving little damage behind. >> very thankful. >> reporter: ken hodgeson is one of hundreds of boaters happy to see blue skies, perfect for a return to the water. >> what are your vacation plans now for labor day? >> just have some fun now. >> reporter: but some had hoped earl would deliver its own kind of fun. >> we were a little disappointed. we thought there were going to be crazy waves and some action. >> we just slept right through the night. >> reporter: the collapse is not a disappointment for tourists or merchants. business owners hope to recover what they lost when some canceled their plans as earl
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approached. it's back to business as usual as at a candy store in chatham, massachusetts. >> i'm glad it's gone and i'm thrilled that the weather is as good as it is and hopefully people are still around. >> reporter: north carolina, tourists are returning to cape hatteras. there was some beach erosions on long island, but it was minor. in massachusetts, earl's punch was so gentle that officials didn't send out a damage assessment team because there was no major damage to assess. a new definition of a perfect storm. randall pinkston, cbs news, chatham, massachusetts. it looks like it's about to salvage summer with a good weekend forecast. >> wouldn't that be nice? it's been a summer in the bay area, cooler than normal, but folks, some heat shortly. we did have patchy fog and some cool numbers by the coastline and the patchy fog returning to the beaches, but for the most part, right now, clear skies
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inland and i think that's a sign of things to come. it looks like high pressure is going to build in here ever so briefly. but enough to bring us a pretty nice weekend out of it and salvage things as far as summer is concerned. you can see the fog right now hugging the coastline right here along the san mateo county coastline, and further to the south. clear in the interior valleys. tomorrow, looking pretty good as temperatures going to be warming up just a little bit. 80s and low 90s well inland. mostly sunny skies. and out towards the coastline, sunshine and some cooler temperatures still after the fog burns off. into the 50s and 60s around the bay area right now. the fog, not making a very good intrusion inland, not seeing the strong on shore breeze and picking up a more northerly component to the wind. 90s to the central valley. 74 degrees in lake tahoe. the trough continues to sit along the west coast.
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it's been hanging around and it will do so for at least another day. it's going to move to the north and as it does, slightly warmer temperatures for tomorrow. then the high pressure moves in. the offshore wind is going to kick in and that means very little in the way of clouds and fog especially tomorrow night. then watch the computer model. blow up in the forth and clear up in the south and before you know it. a pretty good day. plan on 60s at the immediate coastline, but just inside the bay, sunshine and the temperatures warming up into 70 and mid 80s. east bay temperatures on the hot side. apt i don't care and brentwood, in the -- antioch and brentwood, 90s tomorrow. 88 walnut creek and about 74 degrees in berkeley. north bay temperatures also going to be heating things up as well we're going to see the beautiful sunshine by the afternoon and high of 84 degrees in napa. about 83 in petaluma and 79
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degrees there. checkingout the next couple of dais, into monday, labor day looking good. but tuesday and wednesday, the bottom drops out here folks. temperatures well below the average and i think maybe slow warming but staying below normal into thursday and friday and probably the better part of the weekend next weekend. let's enjoy the unofficial end of summer, locking good labor day. plenty of sunshine and going to be warm all the way to the coastline. some temperatures at the beach and mid 90s on the hot side inland. great day to get out there and enjoy anything inside. all the festivals and of course the hot temperatures too. >> the water parks had to close early and then the heat came. they'll be happy on monday. absolutely. all righty thanks lawrence. nothing like the giants and dodgers rivalry? >> absolutely and the san diego rivalry next weekend when the giants hit town. the vicinities have a chance to -- giants have a chance to gain
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one person d all right, breaking news to tell you about. a major car accident has left one person dead and several overs injured. these are live pictures of the accident scene. it happened around 9:30 tonight in the lake more set area of san francisco at the intersection of lake merced, brotherhood way. we have a crew there on the scene. we will bring it to you. all right, let's move on to happier things and talk some
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sports and about the giants. >> the joins making it interesting -- giants making it interest tonight, down south, the pa trays trying their best to give the division away. san diego has now lost nine straight games so the giants had another shot tonight. matt cain had never beat the dodgers until last monthment tonight, looking to make it two in a row. but gives up a three run homer to jay gibbons in the 4th. ted lilly held them, but the bats slowly woke up in the late innings. posey, renteria and burrell hit home run and juan uribe, a chance to be the hee hoe in the 9th. >> he hits it hard, he hits it deep. out of here! >> it's the seventh go ahead homer for uribe this season. and the giants get maybe their biggest win of the year. they beat the dodgers 5-4.
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>> uribe, you know wasn't exactly having one of the best games and he got his pitch and he stayed on it and now he's got a great game. a game winning homer. so my mentality going in that is like it's always been. it's a must-win. >> so the giants are now two games behind the padres in the west who have lost nine straight and three back of the phillies in the wild card. a's and angels, bolts of the 1st, jack cust bloops the single to right. hunter's throw is offline. daric barton scores and 1-0 a's. with cahill on mound, he tosses six shutout innings and picked up his 15th win. the a's beat the angels. new san jose head coach mike mcentire probably didn't send dick thome a thank you note. san jose statuses 37 point underdogged -- state was 37 point underdogs.
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♪ the defending champs would be without their heisman winner mark ingram. second quarter, 'bama already up 14-3. the backup, trent richardson makes it look easy. he goes 39 yards untouched and how's this for depth? 'bama runs for over 250 yards despite not having ingram. mccarron finds jones and check out the grab he makes in the end zone, wow. roll tide. 'bama pounds san jose state 48- 3. as you can imagine, the numbers aren't pretty. 'bama held san jose state to just seven first downs and outgained them by over 400 yards. even the alabama coach nick saban found a few positives. >> i was really sort of pleased with the effort and the attitude, the intensity. the way our team was kind of ready to play. and focused on what they needed
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to do. >> despite losing toby gerhart, stanford got plenty of love this san from the national media. according to the expert, the top quarterback in the country plays down on the farm. jim harbaugh called andrew luck the best quarterback he's ever seen and sacramento state may agree after the first half by the sophomore qb. midway through the first, up 7- 0. he hits baldwin in stride. he takes it the rest of the way for an 81-yard touchdown. the third longest completion in school history. the two would hook up for another touchdown. right before the half -- he throws a career-high four touchdowns in the first half. stanford beats sacramento state. cal, the final game in the old memorial stadium and after the first turnover, the bears got it together. riley finds a wide open greene, first of three touchdowns for
11:25 pm
the train, all aboard. riley to last year's leading receiver, marvin jones. riley completed his first nine passes and cal fans are going to love freshman wide receiver keenan allen. no one is open so he takes off. 18 yards later, he has his first career touchdown. cal racks up over 500 yards on offense and blows out uc davis 52-3. kelly leading the fighting irish on the field for the first time. notre dame taking on purdue. late in the first quarter, kelly's up tempo offense puts his first points on the board. allen shakes free and dives in for the score. the defense holds the boilermakers to just one touchdown. notre dame wins their opener 23- 12. still to come, it's not in the cards for one former trojan. and tiger makes the move up the leader board at the deutsche bank championship. more sports next. ,,,,,,,,
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he's tied for the lead with jason day. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,, ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty
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update the breaking news we brought you about ten minutes ago... breaking news to tell you about, we want to update the breaking news, a fatal accident at lake merced and brotherhood way in san francisco. some people are critically injured. there's a large police and rescue presence in the area and the intersection will be shut down for at least a few hours while police investigate. a major fatal accident at lake merced ask brotherhood in san
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francisco. more nor you tomorrow night. a community wide effort underway in san francisco to say thank you to the troops. the idea to send snack packs to give them a taste of home. the brains behind the effort, a kid named jack. allen sanchez introduces us to this very thoughtful little boy. >> reporter: a few dozen people came out to the waterloo restaurant to help jack with his cause to send troops overseas some snack packs. >> i want the troops to like have them have a little taste from home. >> reporter: jack's passion for the snack packs for the troops is contagious. organizers are overwhelmed with support. >> it's amazing i think. the support that people continuously give. you know, knowing that you know, there are men and women over there, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers over there every day. >> reporter: there's a lot of items in the jack snack pack. there's cookies, peanuts and gum, but the message they're
11:33 pm
trying to send that's most important. >> the people back home are thinking about them and that we care about them and they're over there and not forgotten. >> reporter: one thank you letter says it all. >> it says it is like the one sent that when i gave my troops their snack packs, the eyes lit up like it was christmas. >> well, the community says it plans on more snack drives in the future. all right, that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 5:30. until then, our news updates on have a good night. ,,,,,, ,,,,
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